[Dixielandjazz] Big Band Night In Berkeley:

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Wed Mar 23 13:34:31 PST 2005

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> Yessir, Bug Bands are OKOM, so all you left coasters, Wiggins, et al in the
> Bay Area, please fall by and support our list mate.
I caught them recently at Yoshi's in Oakland and enjoyed them greatly,  I 
have a live Radio show to do on that date, but if I am finished with it in time I 
will fall by and catch Mike's Band for sure.

I love BUG BANDS better than any other bands heck I even have a BUG BAND  and 
so does my #1 Trumpet Player,  David Hardiman:))   An "Ellington Tribute 
Band"  and His is about the same size, and he has even played some dates with Mike 
in the past.

My Bug Band is not as Big but we are probably louder, :))  till we get all 
the Bugs out of the music anyway. :))


Tom Bug Band Lover Wiggins

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