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Hi Mike & List mates:

IMO not off topic at all. Break a leg at those HIGH SCHOOLS and COLLEGES.
Wish more band leaders were doing what you are doing. That's what
perpetuates the music.

Steve Barbone
Thanks, Steve.  I have this driving desire to bring this music to young 
people.  The looks on their faces to see a band of this level, with musicians that 
they have read about and heard on recordings, is priceless!  Some of them even 
"get it" about what this music can do.  I hope that we help to not only train 
new musicians, but to train NEW LISTENERS and FANS of the music, who will 
then be the ones who support musicians who play "good music" in the future.
The sad thing is that a bad rapper or mediocre country singer with a big 
name, could make more in one night than this band does in a week.  Now that IS a 
sad commentary on "culture" in America........
Mike Vax

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