[Dixielandjazz] Clarity redux

dingle at baldwin-net.com dingle at baldwin-net.com
Mon Mar 21 07:08:02 PST 2005

In a post this week, Steve Barbone cleared up a question for the listee 
about the useof VBG ethat it meant "very big grin". Some of us also use 
a hangover from the old Compuserve days that means the same. It is: 
<G>), meaning grin. It serves to make it clear that the text is meant to 
be in jest or fun. Without some clues tossed in, or vocal inflections to 
guide, some might take a remark the wrong way. Frankly I prefer this or 
VBG to the multiple keyed emoticoms. But if any one new sees these used, 
then take what you read as being in the spirit of good humor.
Don (I hate it when you don't understand me) Ingle

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