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Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Sat Mar 19 18:10:10 PST 2005

Dear Dan,
Our mate Don Ingle will certainly be able to fill you in regarding Country
Washburne, the man.
Here is what I have regarding Joseph (Joe) H 'Country' Washburne, the
musician, vocalist and arranger.
Born on 28 Dec 1904 in Houston, Texas, he won local fame in the 1920s
playing bass horn with the legendary pianist 'Peck' Kelley band in
Galveston. (Other alumni from the 1920s Peck Kelley group include Jack
Teagarden, Leon Roppolo, Pee Wee Russell qnd Leon Prima.)
He worked and recorded with Ted Weems orchestra from mid 1929  to 1942
(tuba, string bass, vocalist) and can be heard on the band's Victor,
Columbia and Decca records. (Red Ingle was also in the Weems' band. From
1931 to 1941.)
He also recorded with Jimmy McPartland's Squirrels (April 1936).
Joe joined Spike Jones' City Slickers (string bass, tuba, vocalist and
arranger) in July 1942 and was with the group until 1946, plus later guest
spots with the band. He is featured on Spike Jones And His Other Orchestra
1946 versions of "When Yuba Plays The Rhumba On The Tuba".
During the 1940s-1950s he was on the Capitol records made by Wingy Manone,
Eddie Skrivanek (Sextette From Hunger), Marvin Ash, [Charles] Lavere's
Chicago Loopers, Nappy Lamare's Levee Loungers, Zutty Singleton and Billy
May. And with Bob Crosby's Bob Cats in 1950 (part of the Coral 'Sousa
Marches' album).
He joined Red Ingle's Chosen Seven in March 1947 and is on their famous
early Capitol records.
On radio Country Washburne worked on the 'Great Gildersleeve', 'Fibber McGee
and Molly' and Bing Crosby 'Chesterfield' radio shows. He also led the band
on the Roy Rogers radio show. In early 1950 he also led the band on Curt
Massey - Martha Tilton CBS and NBC television shows for over ten years.
He then retired from the studios to operate a music studio.
Country Wasburne's compositions include "Oh Mo'nah", "One Dozen Roses", "I
Saw Esau", "We'll Sing The Old Songs", "Everybody Calls It Swing", "At Last
I'm First With You", "That's The Reason"and "Them Darn Fool Things". He
became an ASCAP member in 1943.
He died from a heart attack at Newport Beach (or Santa Anna), California on
21 Jan 1974.
As a teenager, I first became aware of Country Washburne on the great 1940s
Pete Daily 78s. When I found that he was with Spike Jones he became a hero.
Kind regards,

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