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> As before, "Greater New York" is organized by a curatorial team from P.S. 1
> in conjunction with its parental partner, the Museum of Modern Art. It has
> already prompted counterestablishment protests: a clutch of women picketed
> the opening, noting the 2-to-1 ratio, male to female, among the 167 artists
> selected.  .  .  .

Ah yes indeed, In American Everyone has a Cause, DE Triumph or something to 
that effect, like who looking at the paintings would give a Rats Patuti whether 
or not it was a Male or Female painter.  It either looks good to the eyes of 
the beholder or it does not, only after that moment of intrigue would they 
bother to get a close up and attempt to read the name of the artists who signed 
the work.  Unless of course it had been hyped in advance by the staff of the 
museum.  It should be duly noted however that in America (and I am certain it 
much more widespread than just here), we have done a wonderful job of saving and 
preserving the species known heretofore as the rare and invaluable "PC 

You can all thank my generation for discovering this wonderful rare creature 
and inventing protests and rallies of all kinds any place any time to stir up 
some animosity between innocent someone's.

I am starting a new organization in the name of our friend Bob Ringwald, I 
think it is high time that Electrical companies stop charging Blind people for 
the same rates for electrical power as sighted folks, since they can't use the 
light anyway but are being charged for it nonetheless.  If they have visitors 
who require the light let em bring their own damned flashlights and batteries. 
 If I were blind I would certainly boycott light bulbs and lamps and demand a 
refund for all the light fixtures installed in my house, would not have even 
one bulb in my house.  The plumber could work in the dark etc.  If any repair 
person was not skilled enough to do their job in the dark then they would not 
get paid.  harummmpph!

Deaf people should not have to pay for the Horn on their automobile or the 
radio since they can't hear it.  Not to mention that people with only one foot 
should not have to pay for two shoes unless they are very good friends with 
another person with similar taste in shoes who is missing the opposite foot.

Paint them protest signs and come on out to picket the White House, which by 
the way is long over due to be painted Black don't ya s'pose.

There were recently two new job openings in my city, Town Drunk and Village 
Idiot, times are tough so I applied for both.  Some dimwitted twit had the 
audacity to tell me I was denied the positions because I was Overqualified.    

There will be a protest rally on Saturday as soon as the bars open.


Tom Wiggins

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