[Dixielandjazz] Blue Notes

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Wed Mar 16 12:25:04 PST 2005

"Bill Gunter" <jazzboard at hotmail.com> wrote (Polite snip for brevity)

> Hi all,
> I thought about what Bob Smith said about "blue" notes (see citation below).
> It seems to imply that in order to play a "blue" note it must be bent. I
> don't think I agree with that.

> 8. It's possible that I can produce a "blue" note on my washboard.
> Anybody wanna debate this (Steve?) -- step right up!

Ha Ha, I agree totally with you Bill. Since there is a "Blues Scale", those
notes within it are Blue Notes and so piano can play them without Monk's
trick of minor seconds, with varied finger pressure so that the lower note
lingers longer than the upper note and to one's ears, it sounds bent.

And since any note in the Blues Scale is a "Blue Note" in that particular
Blues Chord or Scale for you Coltrane's out there, if you have an
appropriately tuned washboard, you CERTAINLY can play a blue note on it.

Steve Barbone

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