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Wed Mar 16 11:07:13 PST 2005

In a message dated 3/16/2005 1:51:59 PM Bill Gunter writes:

. It's  possible that I can produce a "blue" note on my washboard.
>  Anybody wanna debate this (Steve?) -- step right up!
>  Respectfully submitted,
> Bill "Am I Blue" Gunter
>  jazzboard at hotmail.com

Bill: I hate to sound picky-picky but there are significant differences in  
the timbre,  resonance, and attack and decline characteristics of  washboards 
as many musicologists have noted. The Waukeegan, heavy-gauge metal,  variety, 
for example, rarely allow half note decay or fall away without  considerable 
effort and even some mechanical assistance. Some of the Youngstown,  post WW II 
models, of course, have often been used on pre-fifties jazz  recordings simply 
because of their inexhastable hollow fall out, (closely  resembling a flatted 
note sound). Please, please do your research a bit more  carefully before 
challenging this illustrious group of professional  musicians the way you did.

Dan (piano fingers) Spink 

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