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> Dave Richoux raises an interesting matter here. My first thoughts were that
> the phenomenon in jazz was a follow-on from the WW1 experience for many
> Americans, when they discovered that there was a world outside the
> continental USA.

I have heard of such a world Anton, but am still awaiting the opportunity to 
journey to yon place of such mythical existence.  :))

By 1921 orientalism had swept the country (Rudolph Valentino and 'The
Sheik') and Carter's discovery of Tut's tomb in 1922 cemented the
phenomenon in the American psyche.

And we been psychotic ever since too.  
Damned Valentino, yet another Italian trying to lay claim to inventing Jazz, 
and most of us only think of Tut as Tut Tut Tootise Goodbye. :))

WWl was that the fall of the Roman or the Ottoman Empire??  jist cain't git 
them furrin countries strait fer the life o me mate.

It ain't us younguns fault mate that our granddaddy's filled our heads with 
all that backwards learnin bout the rest of the world.  They was bit slow ya 
know, and them Itralians that invented Jazz was also a bit slow back in the 
olden days when the world really was FLAT, an ya'll wuz all kriminuls.   :))


Tom "lookin fer my wings" Wiggins
Musikal Psyche eye a trist in training. :))

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