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> "S'Wonderful" does not make sense in English.
> This misspelling occurs regularly in chord/fake books prepared by musicians,
> who are notorious for mangling the names of tunes.
> I have one well known chord book in my library using "S'Wonderful"
> It is also difficult to find "'S Wonderful" in the tune index in many jazz
> reference works and presumably depends on whether they are published in the
> US or another English speaking country.

Dear: Sir William of Aussie: my dear esteemed friend and worldly scholar of 
all things musically connected to OKOM.

The misspelling in chord books prepared by Foreign Musicians who do not have 
a masters degree in JIVE is the problem which keeps being promulgated upon the 
unknowing musos of the rest of the world.  

Of course it does not make sense in "ENGLISH" 'tis an "American Word" and 
song title, and the rest of the civilized world has yet to fully understand that 
we Americans do not speak nor spell ENGLISH as in the Mother tongue inflicted 
upon our ancestors in days of yore.

Furthermore, most of those tunes whose spelling has been mangled is not a 
manglement at all, but a direct endeavor to throw off the folks at ASCAP and BMI 
to collect royalties for songs that have been duly and legally stolen from the 
rightful authors and such, and to divert otherwise revenues to places not 
normally associated with payment for such.


Tom Wiggins (and I am not sure of the correct spelling of that either)
If I were British they would say it could be:

Wagans, Wigen, Wegen, Wegens, Wagen, Wagan, Wiggs, Wigins, Wagens and even 
Wicket, or any combination or derivative of any and all of the aforementioned 

But they are quick to offer me a certificate of heritage authenticity and a 
Coat of Arms plaque to go with it for the tidy sum of $80.00 or so should I 
care to have such to display in my abode.

And I thought they sent all the criminals to Australia.  :))


Tom who ever I am, I prefer to be called "Sir Thomas Of Wiggins" or anything 
else you might choose except, please don't call me "Late For Dinner."

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