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> Basically, as a positive thinker, I see the thought that all Schools in the
> Golden State have no  money as simply a reaction to News media stories that
> California is going to hell in a hand basket.

Yes, while 80% of our Taxes collected go to the SCHOOLS, so somebody is lying 
their asses off as usual.   So does 34% of the great California Lottery 
revenue, so they say, :))

However when the Politicians passed the Lottery Laws they quietly reduced 
their funding to the schools from Tax revenues they were already collecting by 
34% passing it over to the Lottery.  Unfortunately when the Lottery lost it's 
initial appeal to players and started taking in far less money than had been 
projected, it left the schools in a cash flow crunch that the politicians don't 
care to fix by putting back the funds they diverted to other use like salary 
and benefit increases for themselves for being so clever.

There are only two things that get attention for the schools in the media.

#1.  We are going to be forced to lay off teachers (so we can afford to pay 
ourselves for administrating the teachers who no longer work here).

#2.  When that argument is dispelled, they then say we are going to close 
schools, and at the same time they are buying property to build new schools at 
much higher costs.

There are vacant school properties all over this State and others too I am 

One of the so called poorest school districts in this area recently got 
caught red-handed taking their administrators on wonderful weekend retreat at Big 
Sur squandering $60,000.00 of taxpayers money for education.

The system needs to be totally gutted and started over with competent people, 
it is not because they don't have enough money, They have more than enough 
money and have to continue to invent ways of squandering it or it gets cut out 
of next year's budget.

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