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If Bunk was born in 1889  (as most historins think), instead of his of 
his claimed 1879, he would have been only 17 or so in 1906. I think this 
quite possible, since a photograph of the Original Supereior Orchetra in 
1910 shows Bunk still looking very young.


Re your band maybe sounding just like those early orchestra,s, you may 
regret it if some Edison cylinders suddenly show up!!
Steve barbone wrote: (polite snip)

Or the Original Superior Orchestra circa 1906 with Bunk Johnson on Cornet,
Peter Bocage on Violin and Big Eye Louis Nelson on Clarinet. Plus others and
the exact same instrumentation as the Creoles above. There are numerous
early photographs of many bands with this same 7 piece instrumentation.

And though Barbone Street is often characterized as a somewhat "modernized"
Dixieland Band, please note that our instrumentation with J is identical to
that of the 1914 Creole Orchestra and the 1906 Original Superior Orchestra.
Without J it is identical to that of the 1905 Buddy Bolden Orchestra.

Like how much more "Trad" can one get? :-) VBG

And since they never recorded, how does one know that we don't sound exactly
like they did? :-) VBG

Steve Barbone

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