[Dixielandjazz] School District Lists - Prospecting 101

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 11 17:11:56 PST 2005

I don't have a gig tonight, so forgive my numerous posts. Following is Step
One in how to develop a prospect list for School Districts. The example is
for those bands in the Los Angeles Area, but works well anywhere in the US.

1) Google search for: Los Angeles County School Districts. (Do not
abbreviate to L.A. as LA is such a common word, Google hates it.)

2) First hit is LACOE. Open it.

3) Surf around the site until you figure out how to hit on the alphabetical
list of School Districts, and address for them

4) First S D on the list is ABC Unified. Open it. See address. You could
stop here and write to them, go to the next one etc. But surfing the site
will reveal that this S D has 19 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, 3
high schools and 1 college prep. A veritable gold mine.

I also suggest, for your own information and piece of mind, that you use the
search box on this S D site.

1) Surf around until you find the "SEARCH" box. Type In: Music Programs. You
will get 5 pages of information about music, music programs, music
appreciation, field trips, bands, foundations that help with money, talent
shows, spring musicals, and all sorts of assorted information about how much
this S D does to make the kids aware of music. (except hire your band)

2) This should convince those in Los Angeles that the schools do have money,
and that they will spend it on school music programs and that a certain
portion of that SHOULD BE IN YOUR POCKET since you are providing music and
art appreciation to the general population of kids. ;-) VBG

Enough said. Works for any county in the USA. Try it.

Create a list of all those 80 S Ds on the site and mail them. Mail to the
Superintendent, because he/she is the top dog and those folks in the music
departments may be IAJE members who in trying to protect their turf will
take your info and round file it. ALWAYS start at the top, because the top
dog loves to know something the "specialist" (music guru) doesn't know and
top dog loves to prove it, in this instance, to the music teacher.

And, IF YOU ARE REALLY SERIOUS ABOUT IT, send me your snail mail address and
I will send you the 4 pages of promo information that I am now mailing to
School Districts. Not that it is a great piece of art, it is just simple, to
the point information about why they should hire us, and costs 37 cents
plus the cost of the paper and Xeroxing. I will mail my list, different
information at least 5 times in the next 2 years before giving up. None of
it will be "slick", professional brochure type stuff.

REPETITION is the key to making an impression and getting a return. And 5
seems to be the magic number.

LA County has 80 School Districts and 1.7 million kids in schools. Great
Market. As are the counties surrounding LA, from Simi Valley to Riverside to
Orange. As is San Francisco, (The whole Bay Area), San Diego, Fresno, and
probably even little old Sacramento and Monterrey. Your fame and rock star
status await you. What are you waiting for? Turn on those kids.

Remember you have a unique product: JAZZ, AMERICA'S MUSIC which is arguably
the only uniquely American Art Form. JAM, not a band name for it either.

Steve Barbone

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