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> I want everyone this Sunday to congratulate our DJML selves on a glorious 
> first 10 years of existence.  There's no doubt that blessed Peter is proud...,
> --
> Etc,
> Fr M J "Mike" Logsdon

Thanks Mike>

And wonderfully so, Most of us are still speaking to each other :))  and 
sharing lots of wonderful experiences and information and great music.

Cheers and Happy Birthday &  Anniversary DJML.

Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

Who Can be seen and heard performing on March 27th 2005  12:00 to 3:00 at the 
San Francisco Easter Parade and Celebration.  On Union Street in San 
Francisco, so all of you within spittin' distance oil up your walkers, fill up them 
oxygen tanks, shine up your dancin' shoes, put on your finest Easter Bonnet and 
come out and second Line behind us in the Parade.  It will do wonders for your 
cholesterol, very close veins, and what ever else ails ya mates.  Kick up 
your heels and live a little, it is a Free event to the public so it should be 
full of OKOM fans right?

You will get to hear some tunes like they sounded in 1900 era for real live 
loud and funky, not the way they sound on records of the old days.

You will see why folks are dancing in the streets when we perform, the music 
is infectious and a wonderful disease to catch.  Come watch us turn on a Young 
Audience in San Francisco.  We will also have CDs and T-Shirts available for 
those making donations to our Jazz For Kids Program.

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