[Dixielandjazz] OKOM, it don't mean a thing

David Story daveplaysthepiano at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 9 19:36:59 PST 2005

The arrangement we are using is a transcription from 1932. It is published by Warner brothers through the efforts of jazz a Lincoln Centre and Wynton M. I believe we could call it traditional jazz, all the classic elements are there, to quote Marsalis, " this arrangement has historical ties to the oom-pah of the marching band, the left hand of ragtime and the straight two beat feel of the early Broadway musical... while it is felt on beats 1 and 3, it features slap bass-accents on 2 and 4...." We dropped the vocal, substituting the jazz violin of Stephan Grapelli. 

Compare the rhythm section of this piece with "Black Bottom Stomp" 1926 Jelly Roll Morton. The rhythm parts are very similar.  Bass in two, drum going om pa (ok, boom chuck). Piano solo is stride left hand throughout.

The arrangement we procured of Christopher Columbus has the same rhythm set up as the other two, the tempo is different. With careful listening an original recording we rewrote the bass part, abandoning the walking bass to the traditional 2 feel, added a trumpet solo and viola.

we are swinging in Canada


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