[Dixielandjazz] I'm baaaaaack!

Sam Meerkin/Evelyne Perks smeerkin at melbpc.org.au
Sun Mar 6 05:51:28 PST 2005

It's nice to be back on the list again after such a long time away.  Congratulations to Bill Haesler on his Australian Knighthood (OA) for services to jazz etc.  We left Oz for a jazz cruise around Sth. America from San Francisco in Oct.  From Rio, we flew to Florida for the Sun Coast Jazz Festival at Clearwater Beach and then to San Diego for the Thanksgiving Jazz Festival there.  Words can't adequately convey the great times and adventures we had and great people we met.  It sure is a great scene and the people are the same as our own lovers of foot tapping music.  We'll be back.........soon I hope.  My computer died since we've been away and since we've attended the Australian Jazz Convention and numerous other jazz events & festivals. I've only just got back onto the internet.
Last night at the Victorian Jazz Club we had Jon Eric Kellso as our guest and he fitted right in with Jo Stevenson, Jeff Arthur, Alan Browne, Steve Grant and Andy Ross for a memorable night of OKOM.  Just 2 days in Melbourne and he flitted off back to the USA this morning. Can't someone tow this island a bit closer to Nth. America.  On our trip we fell in love with the likes of the guys from the Titan Hot 7 and Becky Kilgore & friends.  We want others downunder to share our joy in their music.  Jon Eric is just one morsel.
Best wishes & greetings to lismates.
Sam Meerkin.

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