[Dixielandjazz] What is a banjo?

Craig I. Johnson civanj at adelphia.net
Sat Mar 5 13:18:06 PST 2005

Your eclectic list of modern banjo greats and their variety of genre tells
me that you would like the "Jazz Mandolin Project" if it ever
comes your way.

A Google search for "Jazz Mandolin Project" will show a number of
places to hear clips as well.

Jamie Masefield heads it up on mandolin.
The rest of the group are usually bass, drums and maybe a guitar
- it varies. At times he has had Trey Anastasio from Phish as well
on guitar, but it is Jamie's style - not that of Phish.

Jamie played banjo and guitar with us in the Onion River Jazz Band
in Vermont for quite a while. He is truly a fine banjo player. However,
he far exceeds that going in a direction similar but varied, from Bela Fleck
with his jazz mandolin. In fact he has been an opener for at least one
of Bela's concerts. He has extended the scope of MyKOM.


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