[Dixielandjazz] More on banjo's

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Sat Mar 5 11:38:38 PST 2005

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john at pembery.co.uk writes:

> I believe that the function of the banjo is to provide a rhythmic harmony,
> which in conjunction with the bass player, will provide a background for
> the front line instruments to strut their stuff.

Wow I learn something new every day on this great list:

I always thought the banjo's best function was when it was used to whack the 
washboard player in the ass when he took too long with his solo, or maybe the 
trumpet player for playing too loud.  Not to mention many reasons one could 
find to whack the trombone player with one.  :))


Ducking and running now. 

Tom Wiggins
Who plays a NO String Banjo for superior tonal quality and it is a heck of a 
lot easier to pick too.

Actually it is a pretty cool instrument when you take the stings off of it 
and play it as a drum with sticks.   I believe Spike Jones was a virtuoso at it. 

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