[Dixielandjazz] What is a banjo?

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Sat Mar 5 03:52:50 PST 2005

Hello all,

Pat Ladd writes (regarding the rhythmic nature of the 5 string banjo):

>so rythmic in fact that the British Army Infantry used it to keep the step 
>and lead the singing on route marches.
>Particularly on the long marches in India according to Kipling, see Plain 
>Tales from the Hills, Departmental Ditties etc.,

I suppose that if one can dance to it (and one surely can) then one can 
march to it and even sing in cadence.

I suppose if the Scots can use bagpipes for this purpose then one could 
surely use a 5-string banjo!

I've not heard this particular combination, but I can imagine it would be 
wonderful, evocative sound. I'm referring to a concert featuring the 
bagpipes and 5-string banjo.  I'll wager grown men would weep!

Respectfully submitted,

Bill "Grinnin' and Pickin'" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

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