[Dixielandjazz] RE: Dixieland Youth Band Festival - CONTRTIBUTIONS FOR?

Tamas Ittzes bohem at fibermail.hu
Fri Mar 4 14:23:25 PST 2005

Steve, Bob and all,

It's interesting to read two totally different approach of the way
getting kids involved in jazz and getting existing youth bands to
participate. In a way, I agree both of you but I think, you simply talk
about different things. Steve, you are not talking about a competition
when you mention the ASTA event (as to my understanding). It was a
festive two or three days where kids got their prizes they received for
their achievement. That's a different story. A competition in classical
music, too, ALWAYS requires competitors to pay (generally
non-refundable) sums in advance. (I was not aware of the original
message in details, I don't know if this 50 USD was for ad only or it is
a kind of application money.) Anyway, competitors have to pay LITTLE and
then they get back much more - there are free clinics etc., and also, I
suppose, prizes will be given. Don't pay kids at an early age.
Appreciate their music but not with money. Spend money on PR things,
media, prizes (to the kids, of course) but don't turn their performances
into paying gigs. I don't think, it's a good policy. As far as I
understood your briefing about Jon Russel's ASTA weekend, he was not
paid - he got flight ticket and hotel free as a prize winner. And, of
course, he received a prize and part of it was 500 USD but it was not
about the money, so his appearance there was not a paying gig. By the
way, as a violin teacher myself (and as newly elected president of ESTA
Hungary which is the same here as ASTA in the US), I'd be very
interested in hearing Jonathan's playing. I listened to one take of Lady
Be Good (?) a month ago or so when you posted an URL, and I was NOT very
impressed but I'm sure, he is much better than on that low resolution
Internet-video recording. If he has any good quality demo recording, I'd
be happy to receive one. Let me know.


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