[Dixielandjazz] Dixieland Youth Band Festival - CONTRTIBUTION S FOR?

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Steve et al:

This is intended to be an academic, adjudicated event with judges and
clinicians, sanctioned by the International Association of Jazz Educators
(IAJE).  Schools are accustomed to paying to participate in these
"competitions" to offset their costs.  Ideally, yes, we would like to be
able to have the entire event sponsored, and hope to be able to do so if we
are successful.

Paying the kids is out of the question.  This is not a performance event, it
is a competitive event.  Offering the kids money would come off as extremely
distasteful and simply is not done, and is NOT the way to get schools to
become involved.

Our intention is to make this event look like the kind of "festival" school
band programs are used to, in an effort to legitimize traditional jazz as
worthy of being taught in the public schools here.

This is only one of a number of things our education programs are attempting
to do, including funding private lessons, running and awarding scholarships
to jazz camps (our traditional jazz camp is second to none -
http://www.sacjazz.org/camp/), encouraging kids to put bands together and
perform at our monthly meetings, and, YES, even getting 9-year-old Jonathan
Russell out here to perform.  I think Mr. Ringwald will be very happy to
read your offer.  

We don't have Steve Barbone in Sacramento, so we do the best we can :-> VBG.

Bob Williams
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You guys ARE KIDDING right?

PAY TO PLAY? Is that anyway to teach kids?

In the East, we routinely do workshops for kids and youth bands in the local
schools. They are paid for by the local jazz societies and helped by the
bands who cut their fees, PLUS the local schools and jazz fan parents.
Doesn't cost the band directors anything.

Speaking for myself, I also GET PAYING GIGS for kids who exhibit the
necessary desire to play jazz.

Better STJS should get a PAYING AUDIENCE for the Kids Festival. Lots of ways
to fund it without charging the kids to play.

Now if STJS was to fly Jonathan Russell and his folks out, cover their
expenses, and pay him $200 for the gig, I'll be the first to contribute
towards such a worthy program. Do that, AND PAY THE OTHER KIDS TO PLAY and
I'll send $200, and save you some money by not asking for an ad

Steve Barbone

"Robert S. Ringwald" <robert at ringwald.com>
> OK, here is a chance for you DJML members to put your money where your 
> mouth is.
> Let's see how many band leaders, musicians, business owners and just 
> plain folks will support this first annual youth festival with your 
> $50 check.
> For immediate release:
> Sacramento, CA March 4, 2005
> The Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society (STJS) invites you to be a 
> program advertiser for the first annual Trad Jazz Youth Band Festival 
> presented by STJS and CSU Sacramento Jazz Studies in cooperation with 
> the Traditional Jazz Educators Network.
> This jazz festival is open to middle school/junior high, high school, 
> college, and other/trad jazz club-sponsored small ensembles to be held 
> on Saturday, February 11, 2006 at the CSUS Capistrano Hall in 
> Sacramento, California.
> The $100 festival fee per small ensemble includes but is not limited 
> to an adjudicated performance, feedback clinic, instrumental and vocal 
> clinics, a noon lecture/demo on the various styles of traditional 
> jazz, an evening showcase concert featuring Bob Draga, and music 
> exhibits throughout the day for band families, band directors and jazz 
> fans.
> Your support as a program advertiser will help keep festival fees at 
> the above affordable level for school band directors.  The deadline 
> for festival program ads is December 1, 2005.
> To reserve space in the 2006 festival program, please send your 
> business card sized ad (3 1/2" x 2" camera ready art) and $50 check 
> payable to Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society, to:
> Edd Burhans
> Creative T's and Things
> 90 Arden Way
> Sacramento, CA 95815
> Questions may be directed to him at (916) 927-8858 or 
> ctees at pacbell.net.

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