[Dixielandjazz] Where is the Music Going? -A Surprising Redux

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> The Musical Odyssey of Min Xiao-Fen 

She is "ALL THAT"  and more, don't miss the chance to see and hear her if you 
I remember when she was struggling in San Francisco which simply was not 
ready for her or to embrace the great talent she and other fine Chinese 
instrumentalist in this market have.

The musical education system in the Far East is so much better than ours it 
is frightening, however, it is also very hard on the students who are expected 
to become traditional virtuosos on their instruments.   

In many cases the very best ones are totally supported by the government and 
are expected to perform for them for life as National Treasures as a return 
for the investment in their training.  It is indeed rare that a talent as fine 
as Min Xiao-Fen can get out of the country and make their way to the USA and 
get a taste of Western life.

I hope she becomes as popular as Yo Yo Ma, she certainly deserves it.


Tom Wiggins

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