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"Glen Calkins, trombonist, took out his opheclide"

Dear Bob:

In my hometown when one takes out his opheclide he is arrested for indecent 
exposure and I won't even discuss the purchase of sarrusaphones.  Oh, my, 
Does Master Ringwald know you are speaking thusly?

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Pete Main, clarinetist extraordinaire just talked to me on the phone and 
told me that last Saturday night in Martinez, he was playing with Ted 
Shafers band at La Beau's on Ferry Street, when Glen Calkins, trombonist, 
took out his opheclide, and Pete Main unleashed his recently purchased 
sarrusaphone, and they proceeded to play...probably the only jazz band in 
the world with that instrumentation...it will probably happen again this 
Saturday night, if anyone is interested! I wish I could be there! Jim 
Gammons on trumpet, Ted Shafer on banjo...
Just FYI...
Warm regards,
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