[Dixielandjazz] Re: The Sneak

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Wed Mar 2 18:19:15 PST 2005

> Has anyone heard Nacio Herb Brown's "The Sneak"...<
Dear Craig,
Another trick question?
You sneak.   8>)
But it sure beats reading daily posts about California vs the rest of the
Just kidding.
The piano roll version of "The Sneak" (played by Nacio Herb Brown) can be
downloaded from the net. I have just done so.
A copy of the sheet music cover can also be viewed on a net site. Just
looked at it.
I have never heard the Jimmy Blythe piano roll (Supertone 5245) but
perhaps the currently-silent John Farrell has a copy. (I hope John is OK.)
To my knowledge the Isham Jones' Brunswick 5171 (Nov 1922) has not been
"The Sneak" was also recorded by The Club Royal Orchestra for Vic 18921 (27
June 1922), but also not reissued - so far as I know.
I can't locate a Herb Wiedoeft (note correct spelling) recording of it. But
that is not to say that it does not exist.
Nacio Herb Brown (1896-1964) grew up in LA and died in San Francisco (oh,
not CA again!) and did a lot of composing for films from the early years of
Most OKOMers will not have heard of "The Sneak" but they will know some of
NH Brown's other tunes including: "Pagan Love Song", "When Buddha Smiles",
"Rag Doll", "Wedding Of The Painted Doll" "You Were Meant For Me", "Singin'
In The Rain", "Temptation" [yup! the one Red Ingle made even more famous],
"You Are My Lucky Star", "I've Got A Feeling I'm Falling", "Smoke Dreams",
and the hit for Donald O'Conner in the 1952 film 'Singin' In The Rain' -
"Make 'Em Laugh".
Kind regards,


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