[Dixielandjazz] OKOM in California--why?

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Tue Mar 1 17:17:40 PST 2005

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russg at redshift.com writes:

> >From my reading of SBarbone's posts, it appears there is a lot more going
> on in the East Coast than California.  At least on a private gig basis.  We
> do have quite a few clubs, but they are kind of stretching to keep going,
> at least based on what I read.
> Russ Guarino
> Charles 

Hi Russ & Charles:

We must remember however that about 80% of the world's population lives east 
of the Mississippi River. :))   That's a pretty big economic base to work 
within, from a sheer numbers game.

In my opinion we have too many fragmented organizations out west all trying 
to survive with small numbers and pockets of members, and nobody seems to be 
doing anything on a grand scale except for the once a year Jubilee in 

Just my opinion however from observation.


Tom Wiggins

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