[Dixielandjazz] OKOM in California--why?

Charles Suhor csuhor at zebra.net
Tue Mar 1 15:53:07 PST 2005

Just curious, listmates-- there seems to be much more Dixieland jazz 
activity--bands, jazz assoications, etc.-- in California than elsewhere 
in the U.S.  I'm judging (guessing) this from what I see on the 
postings, so my impression that there's more in California might be 
wrong. If I'm right, what's the reason?--the longterm legacy of Lu, 
Turk, et al? Something in the culture or lifestyle that disposes West 
Coasters towards OKOM? Sheer population and landspread rather than 
anything else? (e.g., per squyare mile, there might be more in Vermont) 
Any ideas?--Charlie Suhor 

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