[Dixielandjazz] Re:Military bands and OKOM

Bill Haesler bhaesler at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jun 30 16:10:38 PDT 2005

Dear Larry,
You said, regarding the extract I posted implicating the end of the
Spanish-American war in 1898 for the 'flood' of instruments into New
>You know I'm not so sure that account is accurate. Just how many bands did
they have?<
Exactly. I agree. 
Which was my initial reason for using that particular, and fanciful, quote
to open the email.
To draw attention to the lack of reliable information on the subject.
Every new account regarding this matter quotes a previous one, thereby
managing to move further and further away from the facts.
In the draft for my first email I made mention of this, but took the
sentence out, because it seemed to be a direct reference to the several
books I had cited. Which was not my intent at all.
OK then. Who is going to tackle the subject?
A book, or an essay as Luis and Dave suggested.
With the addition of Fred Spencer's valuable list of books it could easily
lead into, and take in, "The Big Bands Went To War".
Something a few DJMLers know about - firsthand.
Kind regards,


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