[Dixielandjazz] Re: 3 AM mass at Star of the Sea

Patrick Cooke amazingbass at cox.net
Tue Jun 28 18:53:11 PDT 2005

Charlie Suhor wrote:

>After those unchained evenings, many young musicians >congregated at
>what was called the ?Fishermen?s Mass? at 3 a.m. at >Our Lady Star of
>the Sea Church on St. Roch Avenue. It started out as a >service for
>early rising fishermen and hunters, but it became >fashionable for
>Catholics who were out late to ?make Mass? at the >ungodly hour. So the
>sportsmen were totally outnumbered by musicians, >partygoers, and

   I remember the fishermans' masses at 3 a.m. at Our Lady of The Star of 
the Sea when I was a teen.  After a formal dance, usually the girls would 
suggest going...that way they could assure their parents they were so late 
getting home because they went to mass at 3 AM.  I remember one night the 
priest berated us for showing up for mass in tuxes and spaghetti straps 
instead fishing gear, as though this were less reverent garb than blue jeans 
and rubber boots.
       Nowadays, it takes a wedding or a funeral to get me into church, but 
that's another story.
       Do they still do that 3 AM  mass, Charlie?  Not that I plan to 
attend...just curious.
        Pat Cooke

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