[Dixielandjazz]Beating Up Glenn Miller-was Beneke & Klink sax solo

Steve barbone barbonestreet at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 25 21:14:51 PDT 2005

Charles Suhor at csuhor at zebra.net wrote: (polite snip)

> I'm not quite sure I get the beat-up-on-Glenn-Miller thing that's been
> showing up so much. Granted, the fame and the durability of many of his
> charts outstrip their quality, especially in light of great big bands
> that weren't getting the same kind of exposure, popular adulation, and
> dough. Granted, his soloists didn't hold a candle to those in the
> jazzier big bands. Granted, his "smooth/sweet" book was crammed with
> sentimental schmaltz, often sung with dreamy malaise by bland
> vocalists, with a few fine tunes showing up.
> Having said that, how about some perspective?

We're not really beating up on Miller. We are just stating the boring nature
of the parts played by the musicians in the ensembles. Those charts are VERY
BORING to play.  

That's all . . . just boring parts to play.

Steve Barbone

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