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Actually I don't like the sax waiving either.  I work with a popular wedding
band and we do that on fall offs and some of the tunes.  The trumpet player
will someday get his teeth knocked out or the leader will wrap his slide
around the trumpet.  I think that the only thing that has saved that trumpet
player so far is he holds his trumpet higher than my sax bell.  Someday
though I'll turn the wrong way and then...........

If what you say is accurate, it's the bucks not the tune.  Some groups won't
do their original stuff.  I think the Manhattan Transfer is like that.  They
have been transitioning to experimental stuff and have pretty much turned
their back on the 40's tunes that they started with.  I really haven't
followed them but that's the way it seems.

Larry Walton
St. Louis
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> I agree that the tunes are boring and have little jazz quality about them.
> I think that most popular music isn't written with Jazz in mind and solos
> and jazz arrangements come later.  Pop is all about the buck and it hasn't
> changed.  Miller was no different.  If Miller had lived
> another 30 years how many times do you think he would have had to play In
> the Mood?  I think he would have grown to hate it.

I asked Woody Herman that very question about "Woodchoppers Ball"   He
said and I quote "If you had a tune that had been as good to you as
"Woodchoppers" has been to me you would play it on every gig too".
Later on, I asked Buddy Morrow the same question about "Night Train"
and got essentially the same answer.   The people who REALLY hate
night train are the sax players on the Dorsey band, because when
Morrow calls up Night Train they have to do the sax waving
choriography that goes with it.


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