[Dixielandjazz] Re: Boy/Girl songs (was 'Alice Blue Gown' in 4/4)

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Wed Jun 22 20:19:18 PDT 2005

Hi Bill. Different CD:

"Can't help lovin' that man" C2K 52855

Can't help lovin' that man	12/3/28	Bud Freeman Orch.
Masculine women, feminine men	3/2/26	Merritt Brunies
Help	9/22/25	Earl Gresh
Right kind of man, the	9/24/29	Golden Gate Orch. (California Ramblers)
He's so unusual	5/15/29	Fred Rich Orch.
Man I love	12/9/27	Sam Lanin Famous Players
I want to be bad	5/16/29	Ray Ventura Collegians
Gay love	9/27/29	Bing Crosby
Am I blue	6/19/29	Travellers; Irving Kaufman
Can't we be friends	11/22/29	Georgians
He's a good man to have around	9/27/29	Dick Cherwin Orch.
What I wouldn't do for that man   10/19/29   Frankie Trumbauer Orch.
One that I love loves me, The	3/??/29	Meyer Davis Orch.
Buy, buy for baby	11/5/28	Columbians
He's my kind of man	Flamingo Melodians
In my little hope chest	Clevelanders
I got rhythm	Harold Lem Orch.
But I can't make a man	   Travelers
He's my secret passion	   Danny Yates Orch.
Love for sale	  Hotchkiss Dance Orch.
Can't do without his love	Joe Haymes Orch.
Hold your man	  Will Osborne Orch.
Pu-leeze Mr. Hemingway	   Guy Lombardo Orch.
Come up and see me sometime	Cliff Edwards
Beach boy	Paul Whiteman Orch.

As you can see, some tunes are not guys singing girl songs...


At 10:58 AM 06/23/05 +1000, Bill Haesler wrote:
>Regarding your comment: >They wouldn't let male vocalists change the lyrics
>when they sang girl songs. A whole CD of these was released by
>Columbia/Legacy in its Art Deco series years ago.<
>I have that CD set, 'The Crooners', but didn't realise that it featured male
>versions of 'girl' songs!
>Nah, you're having me on.
>Or are you referring to a different album?
>Kind regards,

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