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I'm sure the solos may have been by two guys in this tune.  The big bands in
town have some problems with their sax sections.  There aren't a lot of guys
that can improvise well and for them the written solos can work out but then
they can't always play them very well. I have so often ripped into that solo
only to have the alto player fumble through his part which is actually
easier than the Tenor solo.  So sometimes we end up the worst of both
worlds.  I'm kind of torn with working the big bands in that they don't pay
well and the musicianship is often uneven but I do like to get the reading
practice.  My reading chops die quickly and I have to keep at it or it will
go away.

St. Louis
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> LARRY sign.guy at charter.net wrote:( Polite Snip about In the Mood Sax Solo)
> > I don't know
> > actually but the Miller solos may have been played by someone and
> > transcribed.  I think that the reason a lot of guys don't play the
> > solo that's in the mood is the range used.  It goes from the top of the
> > to the bottom and those Bb two octave skips at any kind of tempo
> > two things: a good player and a perfectly functioning horn along with
> > other considerations.
> Could also be that the original solo was done by two different sax
> each playing part of it.
> In any event, regarding Glenn Miller; He is up there with Lombardo in my
> book. Wonderful music, but boring arrangements for the musicians to play
> very little jazz.
> Cheers,
> Steve

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