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Aad Overeem aad.overeem at wanadoo.nl
Wed Jun 22 07:40:36 PDT 2005

Hello Tito,

Congratulations with your OPUS 2004 Jazz Club, it's really great you have
one of your dreams fullfilled!
>From your description I understand it must be a very nice location and I
wish you much succes and lots of great Jazz concerts.

I've never been in Brazil so far, but whenever I go I'll surely visit your
club in São Paulo.

Wish you a great Grand opening!

All the best from a fellow clarinet and saxplayer from the Netherlands,

Aad Overeem


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Hello, list mates!

I've been out of DJML for a long time, but there is a reason. Next 30 June
2005 I'm opening a Jazz Club - the OPUS 2004 JAZZ CLUB here in São Paulo,
Brazil,  and I was working hard on it.   Now I am so happy I have to tell

The building dates from 1905 and was restored accordingly.   The
architectural project was made by my brother, architect.

The house will seat about 150 people.  It's located in a corner,
constituting a big triangle with one sharp angle of about 45 degrees and two
sides of about 30 m (90 feet) long; the stage of course is situated in the
sharp angle corner.

The two levels stage is designed for acoustic instrumental music (I mean,
OKOM -  Traditional Jazz !)  without any amplification.

Of course there will be 2 sound boxes hanging high and some mics, but used
basically for vocals and public addresses.  And a dancing floor.  It will be
also a screen where, during intermissions, clips of Jazz will be projected,
and also dumb B&W movies from the twenties (with live ragtime

The stage is white.  I will have a good set of stage lighting fixtures, with
a light control table. Grand piano (white!) and a custom made drum set,
model Ludwig 1950  -  white!

The GRAND OPENING will be next 30 June 2005 , it's giving me a lot of work,
and that's the reason I'm not looking to DJML everyday. There are already a
lot of sponsoring offers, from the red carpet at the door to the Club of
Whisky bottles stand.

You'll find details at www.opus2004.com.br <http://www.opus2004.com.br/>
(still under construction).

Of course I'm dreaming to bring in the near future some foreign Traditional
Jazz Bands to do short term appearances.

For now, it's only a dream, but the Club was a dream too !   For now I only
would like to know if there is someone or some Band in the DJML, interested
to come playing here in a professional basis, with paid trip and lodging,
plus a modest fee !   If yes, please apply, privately to my e-mail address
tmartino at terra.com.br     We will work out the conditions as soon as
possible - of course with help of sponsors.

I will send to the DJML news and pictures from the opening as soon as


Tito Martino

cl, sop.sax, alto sax,

São Paulo    Brazil


   55 11 3865-7514

   55 11 8206-5747


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