[Dixielandjazz] Stephanie Porter CD

Len Nielsen lennielsen at telus.net
Tue Jun 21 15:25:36 PDT 2005

Hi Don

As you can see from list mate Bonnie Otto's post, below, she was pianist 
for the Monarchs when they were last in Victoria in April.

Jack Percival seems to have held that position from the inception of the 
Monarchs in and about 94/95 until 2001. I don't know of his whereabouts now.

I remember him as top notch jazz piano player who was very professional.

Len Nielsen

This post will definitely bring me out of "lurk mode"

I had the opportunity to work with Lance and Stephanie in April at  the 
revived Victoria Festival. What a blast that was! I got to know  Steph 
over the weekend and she is just a doll to work with. She has a  very 
unique voice and incredible control. Lance's group is  outstanding and I 
felt very fortunate to be working with them. The  Carol Channing / 
Liberace act is one of the funniest bits I've ever  seen. I was not made 
privy to what was going to happen so when it can  about, I laughed so 
hard I couldn't play. I hope to work with them  again.

A Lance original " Bedtime for Bix" is a "must hear". Truly beautiful.

Though it's not OKOM, do try to take a listen to Stephanie's work. In 
the bevy of vocalists that is out there, she truly stands out. You 
don't hear a voice like this very often. And, what a pro!

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