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> Dear Bill et al.,
> In 1992 "the Lombardo Band, which for 60 years has performed the 
> quintessential version of Auld Lang Syne did it again when it played for 
> aboiut 100 onlookers on a sidewalk in Hickory, North Carolina." The band 
> had been booked for the local Clement Center "but the contract was 
> cancelled...becaue of poor ticket sales." Two years before that, "300,00 
> people jammed into Underground Atlanta New Year's Eve." (Richmond Times 
> Dispatch. January 7, 1993). Anyone know if the band ever played the New 
> Year in after this?
> "Veto Threatened on Highway Bill (NY Times. April 1, 2004) "There is also 
> $1.7 million for improvements to Guy Lombardo Avenue in Freeport., N. Y., 
> honoring the band leader known as Mr. New Year's Eve". I think this is 
> near Jones Beach. Did Freeport get the pork?
> How about Lawrence Welk? Heresy! Pete Fountain, Peanuts Hucko, Henry 
> Cuesta, Skeets Herfurt, Bob Havens and others played jazz. Welk enjoyed 
> Dixieland and made an album, "LW Plays Dixieland".
> Cheers
> Fred
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>> Steve quoted Arvell Shaw [in part]: "In fact, Louis recorded with Guy
>> Lombardo."
>> Dear Steve,
>> That Louis' recording with the Guy Lombardo Orchestra was made for 
>> Capitol
>> in July 1966.
>> "Mumbo Jumbo" and "Come Along On Down".
>> The All Stars were Louis, t/v; Tyree Glenn, tb; Buster Bailey, cl; Marty
>> Napoleon, p; Buddy Catlett, sb; & Danny Barcelona, d.
>> I have never heard the record, which does not appear to have been 
>> reissued
>> on LP or CD.
>> Regards,
>> Bill
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