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Yes I agree George,

For our "Lewis clone" version please visit www.sydneyzenith.com  at Sound
Samples under Index then click on track 5.  For those with slower systems
you need to wait a few minutes (5.57 Meg) if interested.

Tom (would you play a gig in Bali?) Wood
PS For Bob - your daughter Molly was featured in the June Australian Woman's
Day photographed as the new mum at an on-stage Breakfast Club reunion.

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>         Listmates-
>                 All this talk about favorite waltes, and I am prompted to
> "unlurk" and wonder why no one has mentioned my favorite.  It's the old
> Mexican waltz "Over the Waves".  All of us are familiar with it as played
> George Lewis, copied by Monty Sunshine, Mick Lewis, Sammy Remmington, et
> It's probably played more by jazz bands than any other waltz adaptable to
> 4/4 time.
>         George (Puttin' in my two-bits worth) Thurmond
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