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There is an adult camp run by the Sac Jazz Society, you know, which
occurs directly after the youth camp in August, and using the same high
caliber instructors.  Website is http://sacjazz.org/camp.

You can contact Bill Dendle (email addy on the website) for more

Generally speaking, the jazz society underwrites the youth camp, and as
far as I'm concerned, that's the main justification for its "non-profit"
status.  Many scholarships are available and funded from many sources,
including raffles at our monthly meetings, and endowments from patrons.
In fact, for more information about this, see

The adult camp is provided as a service by the STJS and is expected to
pay for itself.  But you ought to contact Mr. Dendle for more
information.  He has a lot more information than I do.  Maybe he can
work something out with you.

Bob Williams
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Hey Bob,
What about a scholarship to Jazz Camp for a not-so-young musician?  :-)

My band wants me to study with Hal Smith, but so far, they've only come
up with $15 and that won't even get me to the airport!
Sue Fischer (beginning drummer)
> Listmates,

>Check out the DJML Gift Shop.  There are some new items.

>One dollar per purchase is going into a fund which hopefully someday 
>buy a scholarship to the STJS Jazz Camp for a youth musician.  Thus far
>have about $30 in the fund.
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