[Dixielandjazz] Teaching music in schools

Russ Guarino russg at redshift.com
Wed Jun 15 08:20:20 PDT 2005

An explanation:

When I was teaching a split high school - jr. high school program, I discovered a youth orchestra in town that was taking the students I had gotten trained and ready for the high school away from me.

I met the director of the other program and he was so pleased to talk with me as I had been doing a pretty good job of training junior students and they were ready for more challenging work as ninth graders. And he loved these students.  He had no clue that he was destroying my high school program.

Very irritating.

Russ Guarino

Dave Washburn wrote:

> I have found that most band directors are not very interested in having their students learn to play or be excited about anything except their program music for that year. I approached 2 directors and told them if they had a few students who really dig playing and would devote some extra time, I would work with them at my store to learn some more music. I offered to get some charts and/or work up a few standard dixieland tunes and just have some fun. Then if the opportunity arose to play here locally we could put on a little show. (At seniors centers etc.) They told me there and then that they were not interested. They had their own way of doing things and anything outside that was not encouraged. I have also mentioned on this list that I invite kids to come in on Saturday and have some fun with music. A few of them have informed me that their teacher told them not to come here.
> Is it just me?
> Dave
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