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I'll volunteer to be in charge of the collection plate!!! Nasty job, 
but....you know~!
Deacon Romans
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>> Good for you Pam:
>> I would venture to say that most folks on the DJML and in Traditional
> Jazz
>> Societies are not even remotely aware of the millions of folks all around
> them
>> that have no clue what DJML or OKOM is.
>> We tend to be caught up in a circle of friends and acquaintances that are
> of
>> a like mind about OKOM and speak our language of choice most of the time.
>> Where the problem lies is that they do not often expand it beyond their
> inner
>> Somebody needs to start and Evangelical Church of OKOM and spread the
> word
>> and music around the globe fanatically. :))
> I got it!  The First Metaphysical Church of Jazz
> Burt Wilson
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