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Flip Oakes flip at flipoakes.com
Tue Jun 14 18:23:15 PDT 2005

Hi Bob,

>LR Tapes as a CD

Yes, I bought it as a CD, from Brad, and the Trilogy Trio, with Brad Terry
as well. This CD is one of the most amazing Piano Trios Ever. You have to
realize The Piano player, and String Bassist are 16 yrs. Old, the drummer is
14 yrs. I can't find the CD, however it's in my I tunes, so I can burn you a
CD. If I remember correctly, these kids are from Poland, and met at a Jazz
Seminar, and just started playing together. I have never heard anything

Please send me your address..... I'll get them right out to you....

Yes, please send me whatever you want.

All The Best,

Flip Oakes

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on 6/14/05 5:04 PM, Robert Newman at bobngaye at surewest.net wrote:

> Wow!!!!!!!!!   I'm overwhelmed with the instant responses to my Brad Terry
> inquiry.    Thanks, guys -- I will now follow up on your suggestions.
> Funny, I went to Google with Brad Terry and got everything from Brad Pitt to
> Terry Towels.    I want to hear all the things he did since 1986 so here I
> go.
> Sure -- anybody who has known him or with whom he sat in -- with -- or who
> is breathing -- is entitled to a copy of the Living Room Tapes from me, but
> not just the curious.
> Flip, you said you have the LR Tapes as a CD.    Mine is the LP.    Was it
> later released as a CD?    Or did you make a CD copy of the LP, which I will
> have to do.   Can I swap you something for the Trilogy CD?     How about
> Fulton Street with Wild Bill Davison?    Or Fulton Street with Ernie Carson
> and Rex Allen?
> Ric, you asked for it -- you'll get it.   I do require one thing, though,
> since I'll be going to all this trouble -- your mailing address.
> Thanks again, guys.   Gee, you're SWELL.
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