[Dixielandjazz] Brad Terry, Clarinetist Supreme

Robert Newman bobngaye at surewest.net
Tue Jun 14 14:21:56 PDT 2005

In the mid-eighties a wonderful clarinetist by the name of Brad Terry sat in with us, the Fulton Street Jazz Band, at the Monterey Dixieland Jazz Festival.      In fact he sat in a couple or three times that weekend because he enjoyed it and so did I, a fellow clarinet player.    He was playing with the Abalone Stompers at the time with Jackie Coon and Jackson Stock and Eddie Graham.

His style was so smoothly cool and his harmonic ideas so perfectly advanced I really dug him.     He gave me an LP he had made with the guitarist Lennie Breau.    It's wonderful.    Just the two of them playing in a private living room.    He didn't stay in Monterey very long -- probably had to make more bread than Monterey offered.

Anybody know where he is now?     It's twenty years later and getting dark.

Bob Newman

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