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> Some bands aren't able to step to the plate with that level of 
> musicianship. Just an opinion.
> Mike

Then they should do all of us a favor and not go to the Plate, at least until 
such time as they can do so and be professional.  To do anything less is 
desecration of the music and the ever shrinking work place for the Bands that can 
and do step up to the plate and hit home runs every time.

Bands who perform substandard have been destroying the live music industry 
for years by undercutting the performance fees of the better groups who then 
must stop touring for lack of appropriate pay for their professional services.

This also has led many audiences to learn to accept mediocre watered down 
amateur music as "As good as it Gets" which erodes the audience numbers willing 
to pay for not such good music on a regular basis.

Yes, these kind of bands are often having fun, but at who's expense, those 
bands that devote the time and energy to be real professionals and attempt to 
hold up a standard of excellence that audiences will always pay for if given the 
opportunity to do so.


Tom Wiggins

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