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I'd  guess that's because this is a Dixieland Jazz Mailing List, and  the
majority of the subscribers like to listen to Dixieland/ Trad Jazz  groups.
I expect that if we were discussing Sacramento on a Cajun/Zydeco  Mailing
List, there'd be a lot of talk about "Gator Beat" and other bands  who play
in that style.
This was our first visit to Sacramento, and I  know that we purposely tried
to hear some of the guest artists and all-star  groups, some of the trad
bands we'd never heard before, and also some of  the trad bands that have
become personal favorites.   

Actually, I wasn't talking about anything to do with Cajun or Zydeco at  all. 
 There are a lot of other bands, like mine for example,  that many of you 
have never gone to hear.  While we are not two-beat  trad, we do play almost the 
same repertoire.  I can think of lots of other  bands too.  But then, because 
we are not "trad" enough, we don't get  invited to that many festivals either.
Mike Vax

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