[Dixielandjazz] Gold Card

rahberry at comcast.net rahberry at comcast.net
Mon Jun 13 09:53:51 PDT 2005

Hi Bob,
I spent the afternoon yesterday at the monthly Sacramento Traditional Jazz Society concert.  The guest, Anita Thomas, is a favorite of mine and I want to hear her as often as possible before she returns to Australia.
All five sets were superb.  I am always impressed with the quality of the jam sets at STJS.  Many organized bands probably wish they sounded as good.
My understanding is that, to play on the main stage, one must have a Gold Card.  I know auditions are held three times a year.  Can you tell me more about this?  What do the auditions entail?  Is is true that only Gold Card bearers can play on the main stage?
I don't know how Sacramento got so lucky to have so many wonderful resident musicians.  I do know it is always worth my time to drive 100 miles to hear whatever's going on at this club.
I would have stopped by to say Hi but you were playing almost all the time!
I definitely plan to be there in August to hear Jim Buchmann.
Thanks for all you do for OKOM.
Rae Ann Hopkins Berry, San Francisco

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