[Dixielandjazz] sound out of the bell?

Jim Kashishian jim at kashprod.com
Fri Jun 10 01:53:41 PDT 2005

All this chatter about where the notes come out of a sax/clarinet.  For live
work, I like Charlie Hook's thoughts on "approaching" the mike depending on
what sound he is hoping for.  Through all my years as a session musician,
one mike was used for each reed instrument, placed slanted down & slightly
above the keys & bell.  I have seen a soloist clarinet miked with two mics,
one for the bell, one for the keys, but it is not usually the norm.
Funny story, while in the Air Force Bands.  A tenor sax guy stuck a horse
rubber (used in artificial semination, I suppose, rather than safe sex!   :>
) over his bell.  Everytime he closed all the keys this thing would inflate!
Really, really funny, especially when you're in a military formation!   :>

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