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Pat Cooke doesn't know who Ken Colyer was...... well sort of England's
answer  to California's Turk Murphy except he played trumpet  He died some
time ago but still has become a saint of English jazz, partly because he
spent time in New Orleans ...... There is still a band calling itself the
Ken Colyer Trust.  I have to state my bias, I heard him play frequently in
the late 70s/early 80s in London and couldn't understand what all the fuss
was about but hell what does a singer know?  He was not a person to project
his personality, never said a word to the audience and when a good friend of
mine subbed with the band, Ken didn't say a word to him all evening.


 as Judy Eames
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> Judy writes:
> >The thing that I find irritating in the UK is that so many festivals
> >themselves to what we here  call "New Orleans" music and disdain anything
> >else.
>       Many of the festivals in the U.S. do the same thing.  Sometimes I
> think all the musicians at a festival get on the same plane and go to the
> next festival......and play the same tunes the same way we've all heard
> a thousand times before.  The "all stars", I find are particularly guilty
> this, in their desire to "play something we all know".  I know they are
> extremely capable of playing something different.  I would not like to
> the same tune more than three times in one day.
>       If you want to hear something that is a little more creative, you
> almost have to go to a different kind of festival.  Some of the "trad"
> festivals seem to hire a few token "all stars" in a half-hearted attempt
> a more varied line-up, but they're still basically trad festivals.
> >Chris reckons that jazz in New Orleans has moved on
> > since the days when Ken Colyer was there.
>     I have to admit I don't know who Ken Colyer is/was, but I was living
> California and Florida for about 45 years, and just returned to New
> 11 years ago.  New Orleans has advanced to using PA systems, and there are
> few purists who even stay to listen when there is more than one microphone
> in use.  There are still a few smug "elitists" who still would rather hear
> an out-of-tune acoustic piano than an in-tune electronic one, even though
> the new keyboards can sound like a concert grand.  There are a few other
> silly notions harbored by a few that make them feel they are above those
> us who live in a world of electric refrigerators, TV, computers, and
> automatic transmissions.
>     But basically the music has survived and even advanced a little,
> somewhat to the dismay of a few who feel that improvement is impossible.
>     Come to the French Quarter Festival.....It's mostly local New Orleans
> musicians.  They still play a lot of the old chestnuts, but most of the
> musicianship is superb.
>      Pat Cooke
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> > Cees Van Heuvel thinks he's got problems with negative reaction to
> > postings
> > about Jazz in Holland just imagine being English, a singer and female on
> > this list:-)
> >
> > Those Americans who do make it to Europe are usually surprised at the
> > quality of some of our bands; not something that can always be captured
> > recording.
> >
> > The thing that I find irritating in the UK is that so many festivals
> > devote
> > themselves to what we here  call "New Orleans" music and disdain
> > else. I love the music when it's played well but it can become very
> > (some) musicians of the genre take themselves far too seriously.
> >
> > Last year I was asked to arrange a gig with Chris Burke and Les Muscutt
> > from
> > New Orleans.  I was dreading a restricted  diet of blues and gospel (Oh
> > forgot to mention my 4th listy drawback, I'm an atheist) BUT we and the
> > audience had a wonderful time and Chris and Les knew the songs from Lee
> > Wiley's repertoire.  Chris reckons that jazz in New Orleans has moved on
> > since the days when Ken Colyer was there.
> >
> > So my question is do other countries/areas have a dominant (fossilised)
> > form
> > of the music?  .
> >
> > As to size .... it was an allusion to Uncle Bob's strange ambition for
> > list, (just imagine 500 people posting every day) and also an invitation
> > to
> > some off-topic banter that will send him apoplectic:-)
> >
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