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> I assume that most of us on this list refer to the verb "swing" as a quality 
> attributed to a jazz performance, and that it is a rhythmic phenomenon 
> resulting from the conflict between a fixed pulse and the wide variety of 
> actual duration's and accents that a jazz performer plays or sings against 
> that pulse.
> One of the properties involved is the forward propulsion imparted to each 
> note by a jazz player through manipulation of timbre, attack, vibrato, 
> intonation, or other means; this combines with the proper rhythmic placement 
> of each note to produce swing in a great variety of ways.
> Using that as some sort of criteria, I must tell you that I can in no way 
> listen to Paul Anka sing and agree with your assertion
> that he "swung long after most guys on this list could even spell."
> Jack Tracy 

Hi Jack: Just pulling your chain a bit, but If you attribute all of your 
reply above to all genres of music rather than just Jazz, you will find that it 
has the same effect on a wide variety of listeners of music of all genres.

What swings for one may not necessarily swing for another, it is a matter of 
the personal musical likes and dislikes or acceptance or non acceptance of 
different styles of music.  Just because any one of us does not like it does not 
mean it does not swing to others.

About 80% of most Dixieland bands I have heard play the notes but rarely do 
they really swing, and I have heard a lot of them.  Therefore it is indeed a 
great thrill and a pleasure to see and hear one that Really does.  Even more fun 
to play with one that does.

And to go back to the post from Cees earlier this week, there are some great 
bands all around the world that swing and play American Jazz very well.

On the other hand I have sat in the audience with some older folks listening 
to some Dixieland Bands that put me to sleep, yet the older folks in the 
audience thought they were really Swinging.  So again it is just each individual's 
opinion of what swings and does not swing I suppose.

I remember when the Disco Scene was full of SWINGERS, but then again I have 
seen a few swingers in nudist camps as well. :))

At least in my opinion,  but that is just my opinion :))


Tom Wiggins

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