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Edwards made some pretty good records in the '20s with bands led by Red
Nichols (iirc for Pathe'/Perfect) as "Cliff Edwards and His Hot
Combination."  He referred to his scatting as "effin."  (I have no idea if
that would have the same meaning as it does now.)  A number of these
recordings are on the "Red Hot Jazz" web site:

You can also hear Edwards'(speaking) voice in Gone with the Wind as a dying
soldier.  His face wasn't seen.  He also played a sidekick in a number of B
westerns, and now that I need to recall who the star was, my mind has gone

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If you want to hear the uke played like you may have never heard it
before, check out Cliff Edwards (aka Ukelele Ike). Yep, the same guy who
sang the Jiminy Cricket version of "When You Wish Upon a Star" in Disney'

I'd recommend Audiophile ACD-17, "Singing in the Rain." The man scats
pretty good, too. ;-)

--Dick Miller

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