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My  classical arranging, conducting and performing background is  probably
showing here, but I like to listen to music without hearing a half  a dozen
loud conversations at the same time. It's just personal opinion,  but I
believe that jazz festival volunteers should be setting an example  for
attendees by making as little extraneous noise as possible while bands  are
performing, rather than being the source of most of the aural  interference.

Well, you're right as to the volunteers'  responsibility to not detract from 
the listeners' ability to hear the  performance. On the other hand, if there's 
a dance floor, booze, and tables,  that's a PARTY, not a concert.  People 
talk at a party, can't get around  it.  Get there early, sit down front, and 
glare every so often at the  talkers.....
Best regards, Ben Fowlkes  

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