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Bob Loomis miltloomis at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 8 07:50:56 PDT 2005

   I haven't really been a lurker here but
thought I'd let others know where I fit (or don't
fit) in OKOM: I actually have played very little
OKOM, but at one point in our string band's
nine-year life we were doing a few such tunes:
Bill Bailey, Ain't She Sweet, Five Foot Two, and
maybe a couple of others on which I loved using
Chicago-tuned plectrum banjo.
   A bout of left-hand tendonitis and Dupuytren's
contracture that flared up a little over 2 years
ago  forced me to curtail playing time a lot, and
to give up mandolin and plectrum banjo. I now
play guitar and (when the hand is hurting)
resonator ukulele and autoharp. And the good news
is that my hand is better enough now that I have
been playing a bit of banjo again!
   I love OKOM and plan to attend an East Bay
Banjo Club session ASAP to sample a deeper
participation. I have a Dixieland fake book or
two and would love to play in a small group. I
also sing (baritone) and play flute and
harmonica, probably neither of which is of much
use in OKOM. Please correct me if I'm wrong
there. I played flute for about 25 years before
going back to guitar about 10 years ago. Started
guitar as a kid after seeing Andres Segovia.
   My band Grab Bag (or, in another incarnation,
Old Dog) plays an eclectic mix of tunes ranging
from blues to ballads to a lot of '60s rock tunes
in acoustic string-band style. We are:
   Patty Caramagno Robertson - vocals
   John Barclay - harmonica
   Jim Brunelle - Electric hollowbody bass
   John Gallagher - Dobro and open-back 5-string
banjo (clawhammer style)
   (Sometimes) George Martin - Electric guitar
and 5-string resonator banjo (bluegrass style)
   (Sometimes) Colin Sacks - Acoustic guitar
   Myself - Vocals, guitar, ukulele, autoharp,
plectrum banjo (when others will stand for it) 
   This Saturday night we're doing a sort of
march through musical history (circa 1900 to
1970) from 8 to 10 p.m. at Panama Bay Coffee Co.,
2151 Salvio St., Concord, CA. It's long been a
musical dream of mine to put together a history
of popular American music show that could be
taken into schools, etc. This week's show will be
a very rough-draft first attempt at that. If
you're in the area, love to see you there!
   Thanks for all the great info on the list!

Happy Webtrails, Bob Loomis
"So Many Tunes, So Little Time!"



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