[Dixielandjazz] Thumbrest (was Miscellaneous Ramblings)

Aad Overeem aad.overeem at wanadoo.nl
Tue Jun 7 16:04:28 PDT 2005

Hello Larry and listmates,

I'm sorry to hear about your nerve damage Larry, and yes, the Etude does
hold your hand more or less in position, at last much more as the usual
thumbrest. The way I experience using the thumbrest it gives me a more firm
hand position and, very important, I need less 'gripping pressure.'
It takes some time to adjust the thumbrest to the best position and to get
used to it.
For me it worked great after some time, but I know there are people who
don't get used to it.

It's difficult to explain how it looks, but you can have a look at Ton
Kooiman's website, at
there's a picture of the right hand position with the 'Etude' thumbrest.

If the Kooiman Etude is adjusted properly, much of the weight of the horn is
borne by the hook sticking from the right side,  but the end of the thumb is
still in about the "normal" position (under where the stock thumbrest would
be) in the dent in the
back of the body of the Kooiman.  So the clarinet should really be supported
in two places along the thumb which I find quite stable.

Hope this helps,

Aad Overeem

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> Does this hold your hand more or less in position.  A couple of years ago
> fell and got some nerve damage in my fingers on both hands.  It's worse in
> my right hand.  My problem is that my fingers tend to wander because I can
> no longer tell exactly where they are in relationship to the holes.  I
> wonder if this might firm up my hand position.  I tend to hit the sliver
> that's between the 5th and 6 holes.  I'm having that key sealed shut but
> sometimes I miss the 6th hole slightly.  I can't tell if it's hand or
> position (or both) that's doing it.
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> > Hey Larry, Tom, Steve and other listmates,
> >
> > As a reedinstruments player (clarinets and saxes) I suffered also thumb
> pain
> > for years, when playing the clarinet. Tried everything from painkillers
> > neckstrap etc., I even quit clarinet playing for some time, for years I
> only
> > played my saxophones.
> >
> > But I missed the beautiful sound of my clarinet, so about two years ago
> > dusted of, my trusted Selmer Series 9 Bb clarinet, mounted a regular
> Selmer
> > adjustable thumb rest and started playing again. After some weeks of
> > playing, much to my horror, again I developed thumb-pain.
> >
> > But! Thanks to an article in the Dutch magazine 'De Klarinet' I learned
> > about the 'Ton Kooiman Etude' Thumb-rest. I ordered one, and to my
> > astonishment, after getting used to it, the pain disappeared!
> >
> > The Etude makes it possible to move the pressure point of the thumb rest
> to
> > the first phalanx of the thumb to the space between the two joints.
> > The lever momentum is much smaller at this point so the thumb can
> > the weight more easily.
> >
> > I know this sounds as a commercial, but it really is not. For me it
> >
> > There are two differen types of thumb-rests, the 'Maestro' an expensive
> > 'pro' model, and the 'Etude' a simpler plastic thumb-rest, I use the
> 'Etude'
> > that's good enough for me. Besides curing my thumb pain it also gives me
> > more 'control' with the instrument.
> > You can find more information on Ton Kooiman's website:
> > Decide for yourself to have a look, I'm not involved in any commercial
> > with this great device. I'm only emotional involved because I'm so
> thankful
> > it helps me.
> >
> > Hope this helps !
> >
> > All the very best,
> >
> > Aad Overeem
> > The Netherlands
> >
> > http://www.hammerfieldstompers.nl
> >

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